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Chair, Sofa & Modular Furniture

You know a home is well decorated when the furniture is also well decorated and rightly placed. Modular furniture is making this job more comfortable as it is lovely and easy to handle.

A modular set of modular furniture can change an ordinary room into a more appealing interior designed space. All kinds of modular furnishings are now available in the market.

Modular furniture maintains an aesthetic all over your place while facilitating agility in your space. With years of work experience, we can call ourselves the best furniture manufacturers in Kolkata. We offer you the best interior chair design, interior sofa design, and all.

Here are the reasons why we are the best choice you have:

Having the right modular furniture can make your room more usable. You can utilize more space in your room. It can also turn a small room into an affluent and versatile one. Choosing the right modular furniture is quite complicated. Most people don’t know what is good for their home because every home requires a different kind of furniture. We can ease your work in this field with our team of experienced interior designers.

Modular furniture is also extremely budget-friendly. Like an office where the need is constantly changing, this type of furniture is an excellent investment to do as it can be reconfigured anytime. Also, apart from being aesthetic, it can give a sense of privacy in your workspace. Our company can offer the best interior designers services Kolkata in terms of budget.

Modular furniture is easy to transport. This can come in handy for the people who have to shift their home frequently.

Modular furniture comes in a broad range of selections. Furniture like an ergonomic office chair, lounge tables, and the center table is a great example of modular furniture. We are the best sofa manufacturer in Kolkata. We can offer you the best quality of outputs. We also have a vast design alternative for the product in terms of size, shape, and color.

Modular Kitchen

The idea of the kitchen is slowly changing throughout the ages. Now kitchens are more than a room for your cooking. In the case of a modular kitchen, you can optimize your kitchen as per your need.

 It is the reason why this type of kitchen is so attractive.

Our company has been in this business for a long time and we are the best interior designer for a kitchen.

Here are some reasons why you should check us out:

A modular kitchen can quickly turn your home into a trendier place and you will enjoy cooking in such a functional kitchen. Well-designed cabinetry is the main feature of a modular kitchen, and it is furthermore easy to use and access. But determining the best design for your kitchen is a bit tricky. You don’t need to worry about selecting the right design as our experts will make sure that you’re getting the best interior designers services.

Apart from being aesthetic, modular kitchens can buy you some extra spaces for your home. We will help you to build your kitchen in a manner that will fit the size and the layout of the house. This is how you can utilize the space at its maximum potential.

One of the primary reasons to create a modular kitchen is to save time. It will take relatively less time to install. Because you can fix and customize each of the parts and all of them are prefabricated. But this installation process can become an issue for you. Our team can buy you some time by accomplishing the installation for you.

There was a time when modular kitchens were for an extremely lavished lifestyle, but the scenario is not the same anymore. Modular kitchens are now for anyone and everyone as it has become an essential part of our life. We assure you that we can offer the best interior designers services.

UPVC Window & Door (Promiplast)

Promiplast UPVC window systems has started in 2016 with ultra Modern Technology with a Large Capacity. Our Vision is to provide customer delight high-quality UPVC profiles with surpassing UV resistance 

and all desired Mechanical Properties much beyond the ranges of parameters specified by EN12608-1:2016 standards. Promiplast UPVC Window & Door systems has started in 2016 with ultra Modern Technology with a Large Capacity. Promiplast UPVC Windows & Doors are manufactured using a strict set of quality standards and high-quality profile formulated out of the finest grade of raw materials sourced from Fortune 500 companies.

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Invisible Grill (Grillex)

The Invisible Grills concept originated from Europe in the late 1990s. The system underwent many rounds of modifications and improvements through the years to arrive at the current design.

GRILLEX provides leading-edge Invisible Grills technology for balcony and windows to the Residential and Commercial High Rise buildings.

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Water Proofing

Most house owners remain anxious regarding their home exteriors in extreme weather conditions. To be specific, constant rain can be harmful to the exterior paint of a particular house. 

To prevent any damage to the paints of the exterior walls, waterproofing those walls is mandatory. As the owner of the house, you can extend the longevity of your exterior walls as well.

Let’s check out why you should select our service over other waterproofing services:

Our waterproofing services include all the areas and surfaces inside and outside your house. From bathroom to roof, we make every single inch of your home waterproof. We deliver the best-in-class materials while waterproofing your house and we won’t let you have a complaint against our services.

We offer customized cementitious waterproofing for the best protection of your home exterior. Cementitious waterproofing is a permanent solution for your home exterior for saving your home from extreme weather conditions.

After we complete the waterproofing operation on your house, we will take care of the maintenance. You can call up our service number if you need any kind of assistance related to your house’s waterproofing.

We have an in-house expert waterproofing team to complete the operation smoothly. Our experts will examine your house’s condition thoroughly, and they will suggest a suitable waterproofing solution that your home requires.

We perform all kinds of waterproofing services, and we have different waterproofing categories in our store. Once you avail of our services, you can leave all the responsibilities related to waterproofing to us, and we can deliver the quality that you are expecting.

If you’re looking for a suitable waterproofing company in Kolkata, there is no better choice than us. Be a part of our growing family to get the benefits of our services.

Premium Bathware (Queo)

Queo, a masterpiece of European indulgence Queo, a masterpiece of European indulgence. he cradle of the arts, the birthplace of modern aesthetics, that’s where we make Queo. 

Europe’s rigorous tradition of sublime aesthetics and attention to indulgence makes it the perfect home for Queo. Wide range of products that understand elegance and brings out fluidity in design.

Modular Office

Having a good interior for the office is quite challenging. As we have the best interior designers for the office, we can deliver you the best interior designers services in Kolkata.

Here are some reasons why you should have a modular office, and we are the best one to do this work:

    • Modular office furniture is extremely flexible to use in any situation. This item can come in handy in the constantly shifting dynamics of the workplace. Every space has its demand, so it’s tough to choose the right one for the office. With years of experience in this field, our Interior designers can choose the best modular furniture for the workplace.
    • Modular furniture comes in a broad spectrum of selection. Furniture like an ergonomic office chair, lounge tables, and the center table is an excellent example of modular furniture. We can offer you the best quality of products. We also have a vast design option for the product in terms of size, shape, and colour.
    • A modular office maximizes the utilization of the work area. The best part about it is that you can put it in a separate space when it is not used. Our interior designers can do excellent work to ensure that you are utilizing most of your workspace.
    • Privacy is a crucial thing in an office. Apart from accomplishing so many things a modular office can offer the privacy of the worker. We can provide you with this even without constructing a permanent wall, which can save you money.
    • Good quality modular furniture not only comes in handy for utilizing space and all but also adds an immense amount of aesthetic value to your office. We will analyze your workspace thoroughly then we will put the best furniture in your space.
  • Apart from having so many benefits, it is also environmentally friendly because all the materials are reusable. We always want to do our work that is not harmful to nature. In modern-day life, saving little greenery and reducing pollution is beneficial.

Shingles And Siding (Saint Gobain)

THE BEST VINYL SIDING IN THE INDUSTRY. CertainTeed vinyl siding offers exceptional durability with an industry-leading spectrum of fade-resistant colors and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Choose from maintenance-free classic clapboard, shiplap, beaded, shakes or shingle profiles in many styles, widths, and textures.  

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Skylight Dome

Sunlight is vital for us and our houses. A reasonable degree of the sun is very impactful for the home or the workplace, just like the sunlight provides us energy and essential like vitamin-D. 

Skylight roofing can enhance the amount of daily sunlight and will minimize the usage of artificial lighting.

Our company has years of experience in this business. We can offer you the best interior designers services for your home in Kolkata. .

Here are some reasons why we are the best ones to hire:
Sunlight to be more specific solar energy can be an excellent alternative for artificial lights in the daytime. Daylight is a fantastic thing for the winter times, but what will you do for the time of summer? Here our expertise can come in handy for you. Installation of the skylight dome at the proper angle is very crucial. Our team will do this for you and make sure you are getting the best skylight for your home. .

Modern skylight domes are controlled by remote. Now it is easy to access the skylights. You can open them anytime for fresh air. Having a fair amount of fresh air is essential for your room. .

Let us bust a myth for you. Skylight is not expensive at all. We have the best deals on skylight dome in Kolkata.

There are a variety of shapes in skylights. Choosing the best design for a house is not so easy. Interior designers who have immense knowledge of this subject can suggest the best skylight for your home. We also have a massive collection of skylights in terms of shape and size. .

Apart from being so useful skylights are extremely aesthetic too. Having a skylight dome in your room can instantly make your space a treat to the eyes. As we have experience in this field for a long time, we will provide you with the best product quality and aesthetic values.

Stone Art Design

According to the current interior design trends, most house owners prefer stone arts for decorating their houses. Different forms of stone art are grabbing the attention of the house owners

at the first sights. Being one of the leading interior designing company in Kolkata, we offer a wide range of creative stone craft designs best interior designers services.

In the following points, we will describe how our stone art services make your house look better:
As we have a wide variety of stone art collections in our store, you can have multiple choices while selecting the appropriate stone art for your house. We have a creative in-house team of stone artists who are always ready to create unique designs according to clients’ demand. With us, you can order customized stone art designs as per your desire, and we assure you to deliver that design at your doorsteps. .

Our professionals can help you select a suitable stone art design that matches your interior decoration. You are supposed to choose a catchy stone art design that matches your home interior’s texture in terms of making your house look more vibrant. That’s quite impossible without the experienced assistance of professionals. That’s why our experts’ team is always there for helping you out. .

When it comes to installation, we offer a demo installation so that you understand whether a particular stone art will suit the design of your house or not. Once you select a specific stone art design for your home, we will take the responsibility of installing that inside your house as well. If you’re searching for compact stone craft designs in Kolkata, we can deliver the right stone craft designs that match your requirements. Visit our exclusive online store to discover the latest stone art designs for recreating the elegance of your interior.